Did you know being an event planner was recently ranked one of the most stressful jobs? It’s true, as reported by CBS News. These days, there are so many responsibilities and expectations that come with planning an event. The role of an event planner can quickly feel overwhelming – especially on a quick turnaround or a tight budget.

The last thing you may feel comfortable doing is delegating some of the basic needs for the big event. City Wide understands it’s not easy to leave certain tasks in other people’s hands, but that’s why our team focuses on building trust with you before the event even begins.

Whether you’re planning a corporate celebration, a VIP event, street festival, concert, charity event, museum opening, cocktail reception, or even hosting a major event at an arena or stadium, we’re here to help you manage the cleaning and maintenance needs from beginning to end.

Benefits of City Wide Helping With Your Next Event

Unlike other companies who hire temporary labor for these services, City Wide’s crews are well-versed in what to clean, when to clean, and how to clean before, during and after the event.

As the planner, the last thing you have time for is making sure the restrooms are stocked with supplies or the trash is being emptied during the event. Our crew will be monitored by a supervisor to ensure all maintenance needs are running as smoothly as possible. In other words, we live and breathe our mission of saving time and solving problems.

Here are several services we can take off your plate so you can focus on other needs during the event:

  • Pre-event cleanup
  • During-event cleanup
  • Post-event cleanup
  • Restroom attendants (usually requested at large venues)
  • Trash removal during and after an event
  • Labor force
  • Pressure washing
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Floor auto-scrubbing
  • Hard floor care
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Security and access control
  • Detail cleaning
  • Window washing

We Keep Our Promises

There’s something to be said about having an open communication line. At City Wide, it’s our goal to assure you we’ll come through on the commitments we made prior to your event.

Not only do we confirm our schedule with yours, but we can take every step possible to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible before your guests start arriving.

Let’s Get Started Together

We have locations in the United States and Canada. Contact your local City Wide today to get more information about our Event Services. We’ll be happy to explain our process so you can enjoy the event you’ve worked hard to make happen.