Janitorial companies often cause the largest number of headaches for companies in terms of facilities maintenance. Poor service, slow response times, and unprofessional experiences are very common within the janitorial service industry. That’s why City Wide is more than “just a janitorial company.” We are a sales and management company that wants to make sure the time spent on janitorial in your building is on-task, efficient, and never results in un-emptied trash cans or dirty floors.

Advantages of the Right Janitorial Services

Take a minute and look around your building. Is the cleaning up to your standards? What impression do you think your customers get when they enter your building? How does the state of your facility affect your employee morale? Although often unseen, the janitorial services happening within (or perhaps not happening) will have a major impact on the look and feel of your building. These services will give your customers their first impression of your company before you can even greet them at the door. Poorly executed janitorial services can also negatively affect employee morale if the staff views the place they work at as dirty and in disarray.

Not only is the look and feel of your facility a major consideration when assessing your janitorial service, but it is also essential for safety. Debris left on the floor can easily become a tripping hazard. An uncleaned spill can quickly accumulate into mold. Excessive dust can have a negative health effect, especially on those with allergies and asthma. A janitorial team that is not working to the right standard means more than just putting up with a little more mess than you would like; you can be potentially opening up your business to liability.

Challenges in Finding the Janitorial Services for You

Janitorial services are no place to skimp by with poor service. If your janitorial services are not working up to your standards, then it is time to make a change. Also, you may find you do not have the time to regularly keep in touch with the crew to verify they continue to do their job efficiently, thoroughly, and professionally.

City Wide has almost 60 years of experience helping businesses improve the look and feel of their buildings and take pride in their ability to make a facility shine. Whatever your building needs, City Wide can make certain your janitorial team is working hard to create the best possible environment for you, your employees, clients, and anyone else who comes into your building. Allow us the time to ensure your cleaning needs are being met beyond the initial clean, always. You can have peace of mind you are getting the best work done to the agreed-upon expectations, at the right price. If you have any needs you can contact us directly, rather than trying to chase down your janitorial crew to make sure it is done right.

We maintain regular contact with you and confirm your janitorial crew continues to meet your needs. If you have any special requests or concerns, just let us know and we’ll manage that for you.

Our goal is to save you time and money to allow you to worry less about the cleaning and focus on the more important tasks of your job. Contact us and let City Wide take your building maintenance problems and turn them into solutions.